Sowing the seeds of a dream voyage and counting on the blessings for creating an own niche, Swapna Inc. Entertainment commenced it`s journey in the year 2019. Bringing forth the best of services, this event management company is your comprehensive guide under a single roof. From live shows to private events and gigs, to private occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, we have it all in our catalogue.

Though covering a short tenure, Swapna Inc. Entertainment, with our founder having over 18+ years of experience, aims to foster the best of talents – be it some ‘secret superstars’ or existing stalwart personas. From talent hiring to their complete management, we serve you all in a single platter! With a strong notion to strengthen bonds and create healthy relations, we seek to offer quality and hassle-free service.

Swapna Inc. Entertainment affirms a complete experience initiating from artist sign-up for corporate and private events, to handling their green-room affairs, logistic tales, brand endorsements to the final showdown or performance, we schedule and manage it all for your convenience and comfort. Going by the lines, ‘the show must go on’, we design to offer the ‘crème-de-la-crème’ services even post the pandemic phase.

Though having a short stint, our company has grown in leaps and bounds which is pretty much visible from our blooming client list and the constantly flourishing new and existing talents. With an objective to create long-lasting bonds, we aim to use transparency as our key element and prefer honesty over anything else. With entertainment in vision, we desire to curate the moment of a lifetime.

Swapna Inc. Entertainment is your solo canopy when it comes to entertainment and talent and believes in encouraging new and hidden musical talents. From ticket requirements to accommodation and refreshments, we enlist it all for your betterment and ease. With a musical symphony, we plan to strum your heart strings with our enriched services and events. With a solo meeting-point, our company is your prime hub when it comes to writing your entertainment story.

Thus, abiding by the lines - music is a tool that washes away everyday humdrums, we at Swapna Inc. Entertainment propose to offer the finest of resources and talents at a single point and connect distant hearts with a joyful experience and frame-worthy moments.

Wait no more and connect right away to create a lifetime of entertainment experience with Swapna Inc. Entertainment! Prepared to set afoot in our dreamland of entertainment?

Nabanita Das | Founder

Soaring high from the campus of Presidency University, Ms. Nabanita Das Sengupta is a sheer mix of talent and beauty. Beginning her career as an air hostess, she has truly come a long way. Donning the founder`s hat is just another role that she assays with ease, brilliance and affection. With the company being the brain-child of her husband, she acts as the driving force and upholds the company`s vision. Her constant support and ideas motivate the team while her politeness makes every artist feel at home.

Her passionate goals and cooperation further adds to the company`s success. Juggling between motherhood and business, she is always full of beans and regularly participates in the company welfare and development. Her patience and poise acts like a knight-in-shining-armour as she shields the company against all possible odds. With a cordial relation with each of our artist, Ms. Nabanita is an absolute favourite amongst all and gels in no time. With a vision to celebrate life every moment, she believes in adding personal touch to every event. Hence, she is a true ode to the saying, ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’

Rahul Das | Co-Founder

Donning the black coat and walking down the corridors of the court-rooms was never his forte. Comparatively, putting on the founder`s cap and searching for new talents or working with existing stalwarts looked more like his passionate goals. With a dream to create his own niche, our foremost founder, Mr. Rahul Das initially started off as an assistant event manager and later emerged as the owner of this event management company. Putting his heart, soul and sweat and to commemorate his grandmother, Mr. Das came up with this venture in Swapna Inc Entertainment.

His dedication, perfection and hard work adds value to our team spirit and his vision to entertain and nurture hidden talents is highly commendable. His strong will and determination have led the company reach new heights of success in a short while of time, while his amicable nature and compassion helped the company strengthen its bonds with each artist and talent. With umpteen respect for all, Mr. Das truly believes in ‘Living life King size’ and offers the best of services with utmost care, warmth and affection. Mr. Das is an active ball of fire and abides by the lines, dreams do come true if one has the courage to pursue it.

Talent Management

With a vision that ‘talents are meant to be shared’, Swapna Inc. Entertainment is your A-to-Z platform that welcomes existing and blooming talents alike. We nurture and look after the overall growth and excellence of an artist and believe in giving the true respect that an artist or a talent deserves.


Looking for an event management company for your wedding or your son`s birthday? We`ve got you covered! We act as your solo station for all kinds of events from corporates to personal affairs like anniversaries, live or private gigs and so on.

Brand Endorsements

We affirm association with reputed brands and aim to provide the maximum benefits via brand endorsements. With a belief on ‘be the ambassador for what you stand for’, we strongly abide by good and improved brand endorsements and provide talents or artists for the same. We also acknowledge creating one`s own brand to mark the overall growth of a talent.

Backstage Management

From green-room saga to ‘lights, camera, action’, we`ve got your back! We count on our backstage partners as the backbone of our company and extend any help that aids them to yield better services. We love to credit our backstage heroes and sheroes as the prime creator of magic who swipes their wand to curate jaw-dropping experiences and even offers refreshments to our twinkling stars.

Logistics Management

Worried for your artist tickets? We are here by your side! From ticket arrangement to accommodation to food and overall maintenance, we have it all in our checklist. So, it`s time for you to sit back and relax with your face mask or just chill with your cocktails and drinks….Cheers!